November 25, 2012 — 3 Comments

The blog was dormant for quite a while in part due to the explosion of Manosphere blogs that seemed to have sprouted up last year. I was doing so much interesting reading, in fact, that my leisure time left no space for any actual writing. Curiously, though, in the course of the past several months, men’s blogs have been dying off like Native Americans exposed to smallpox. Now, while conspiracy theories loom suspiciously over the phenomenon, sensibility suggests that time constraints, lack of readership, or personal issues were the cause. In any case, the Manosphere is no gotten significantly sparser here in 2012, and I don’t intend to contribute to any thinning of ideas and conversation. As feminists add heavy censorship to their calculatedly gynocentric agenda, I find it damn near a moral imperative to continue writing, spreading, expanding. The minds of young and old men alike are at stake, and if, heaven forbid, feminists implement their end game — a Clockwork Orange slash 1984 punitive system that enforces ‘retraining’ for all who fail to think in accordance with their doctrine of male hatred and disregard — all will truly be lost. As a consequence, I intend to post at least once a week, and if for some reason I fail to do so, the invitation is open to message me till my inbox bursts. Remember, we are all in this thing together, and the battle is won first and foremost in our minds. The more intelligent we can make ourselves about game, female nature, feminist doctrine and politics, the better we are capable of defending against indoctrination and slavery.

So. Here’s to the last stand. God Bless.

In the meantime, here’s something to chew on: 


3 responses to Resurrection


    Well thanks to me (partially), Manosphere blogs are dying out fast!

    My main issue with the Chodosphere is that those guys are afraid to reveal themselves and actually show themselves on infield video or pics chatting up women. So in essence, they have no Game, so I expose them.


    I don’t take any issue with guys who lack significant knowledge of, or practical skill in game. As long as they’re focusing on learning, improving themselves via reading and consciously implementing useful, game-related information, I admire and respect them. in fact, I don’t suspect experienced PUAs have reached an endpoint in their skill either; even Lyons, Durden and Krauser are constantly trying to expand, improve and learn.

    What does bother me to no end, however, are the increasingly boisterous and utterly obnoxious groups of game-denialists and ‘I-don’t-need-game’ cohorts, who appear to be rapidly taking over the conversation within the Manosphere (indeed, ‘Chodosphere’ is the perfect word to them). Denialists yell unrelentingly: ‘all men are omegas who can’t get laid, shame on you PUAs for trying!” While the ‘above-it-all’ guys shamelessly claim: ‘I don’t need any game to get laid, I just walk into a room and 10s jump all over me.’ Not only are both groups guilty of being untruthful, but worse, they accomplish nothing productive. They don’t add to conversation, spread knowledge, or even improve themselves.

    Hopefully, however, those blogs don’t last as long or as well as the ones that are actually pragmatic and sensible. The more voices we can get the better. For now, sadly, it appears that game still maintains the impression of being comprised of stock, mechanic one-liners, as opposed to constituting a system founded in self-confidence, self-value, and self-love.


      I couldn’t have put it any better than you did just now. Sure I have a prob with Game denialists, but I equally have a prob with some Manosphere guys who bash PUA’s for whatever reason.
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