The Plight of the Nerd

July 18, 2011 — 6 Comments

Nerds are a particularly interesting group of social specimens, due mainly to the fact they combine the theoretically contradictory qualities of intelligence and betatude (i.e. low confidence, meekness, fear, etc). The natural inclination would be to consider any man of relatively high intelligence a shoo-in alpha—-brimming with self-confidence, and strutting with a pride-driven swagger. The intelligent man should have nothing to fear, for he has been genetically granted the most important of all human traits: the ability to analyze and ponder, to yield logic for purposes of personal gain. Make mo mistake about it, aptitude with logic and reason are not just the basis of wealth and power, but the root of all human achievement.

In any contest, the man of superior intelligence is a good bet for victory. From athletic events, to corporate assignments, to political revolutions, men of intelligence are nearly always at the top.  How, then, do we account for the existence of a large population of American men who have as much, if not more, god-given intelligence as these alpha males in power, but never achieve any heights of wealth, power, or sexual success? Why is it that these talented individuals live stagnantly, failing to reach their potentials?

The answers may be obvious to many of you. We have all had numerous experiences involving nerds, and I would hardly be surprised if some of the readership of this blog actually identified themselves as such. Nevertheless, the ‘nerd phenomenon’ has always perplexed me. Intelligence is a trait and talent that supersedes all others; whatever your shortcomings may be, the proper use of the intellect all but guarantees a solution. Having low success with the opposite sex? Well, think, understand social dynamics and game, learn how to trigger attraction in women. Not making enough money? Learn a new skill or trade, switch jobs, go to school and get a higher degree. Too short to play in the NBA? Learn how to pass, read plays, be a solid role-player. This applies to every aspect of life. Intelligence is that fundamental to human success.

Why can’t nerd be alphas? What prevents them from using some of that intellectual ability to change their attitudes or discover social game? The same thing that prevents anyone from anything: fear. Fear of violating cultural norms, fear of taking risk, fear of disapproval or condemnation, and fear of independence. Intelligence grants us, as human beings, nearly everything in life, with one exception: control over our own mechanisms. Fear is a prime example of this. It is your own interpretation of a particular situation; we alone are responsible for experiencing that emotion at any given moment. Intelligence does not offer control over this kind of thing.

The self-understanding we get from reason must be coupled with a willingness to push ourselves into new territory. We must never be comfortable with our current state, both externally (e.g. wealth) and internally (level of emotional mastery), striving instead towards self-expansion. The nerd never nears his potential, despite tremendous natural gifts, because he does not wish to venture into that new territory—–to test and to expand himself in various ways. Never be satisfied with what you have and who you are inside. Seek greater wealth, greater power and influence, sex with more beautiful women, greater emotional control, more knowledge, and better health. Love yourself, have confidence in your abilities, but never stagnate; complacency and familiarity are the realm of the weak and old.


6 responses to The Plight of the Nerd


    This world provides few reasons for men to reach their full potential, what with the misandry bubble and all.


    Regarding your post (“Why can’t nerd be alphas? What prevents them from using some of that intellectual ability to change their attitudes or discover social game? The same thing that prevents anyone from anything: fear.”):

    Fear is not the only thing that hinders people in life. I could list at least 12 things right now that are fairly common, and I’m sure you can too, if you think about it.

    It would be better if you say what you mean by nerd. If you mean anyone with a high IQ (doctors, professors, many businessmen, etc.), that’s too large and diverse a group to make any generalizations about. Many do well with women, and many don’t.

    For techies in Silicon Valley, the picture is bleak. They guy/girl ratio sucks, and it’s not a social environment. If you’ve ever heard of anyone moving there to meet hot babes and get into the local social scene, that would be insane. Also, everyone knows that male-female relations in the U.S. are screwed up, so living in Silicon Valley is the worst of the worst (well, maybe Alaska is worse). There are lots of guys there who are smart, successful, basically friendly — and chronically single. Relocate them overseas, and they will magically start having a normal dating life. There are lots of countries where being successful and friendly are all a man needs.

    By and large, there’s nothing wrong with those guys.


    Geekisms are abundant. Fashion, TV. One particular show that comes to mind is scrubs – a perfect example of beta pre-conditioning of kids.


    What’s up with the blog? This had so much promise…

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