Second Rule

July 3, 2011 — 2 Comments

Second Rule of Social Mastery

(2) View all other individuals as tools for your own gain

This is controversial, but only because it is effective. To arrive at this rule, one must first grasp, after wading through piles of fake moral constructs and politically correct bullshit, that each individual views you, whether conscious or subconsciously, as a tool to be used. They may desire to use you to fulfill some psychological need or for a more direct and obvious material/existential need.

(An example of ‘Psychological Need’ that is almost universally common in human culture:  Many parents, especially mothers, have a need to control their children. The kids must follow rules, arbitrary or not, helpful or not, precisely because it gives the parent a sense of power and control. To many such parents, losing that control is equivalent to losing the child. )

If you are, then, prone to naivete and believe that everyone wants to help you and provide you with security, you will live a painful and poor quality of life. Some may call me a cynic, arguing that my view of human nature is debasing. To them, those so afraid of reality that they must deny it at very turn, I respond: (1) I do not hide from the dark crevices of reality.  (2) ’tis better to be a cynic/realist in power than an idealist who is shitted on by everyone he meets.

Thus, to prevent being used, one must actively do the using. Enter any social interaction with the following mindset: what do I have to gain from this individual? And how do I communicate (verbally and nonverbally) to best meet my needs?

Remember: You are above else. Your needs, your happiness, your desires. The purpose of social mastery is to acquire great skill with utilizing and manipulating others into doing as you wish. And therein, lies the Second Rule.


2 responses to Second Rule


    This is good stuff. This blog has massive potential if you keep it up. Thanks


    Thanks for the compliments. I’ll be posting as regularly as I can.

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